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About Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a system of healing which has been practised in China for thousands of years. Chinese medicine is based on the concepts of Yin and Yang. It aims to understand and treat the many ways in which the fundamental balance and harmony between the two may be undermined and the ways in which a person’s Qi or vitality may be depleted or blocked.


Clinical strategies are base upon a diagnosis of patterns of signs and symptoms that reflect the imbalance. Chinese medicine treats the body as a organic whole, not only the complaint, but also the balance of the body.


Further more, Chinese medicine recognizes that health is more than just the absence of disease but that it has a unique capacity to maintain and enhance our capacity for well being and happiness.Chinese medicine involves several therapeutic methods, mainly herbs and acupuncture.

Health plans and

insurances accepted:


•    Simplyhealth


•    Medisure


   National Frendly


•    Sovereign Health Care


•    HSF Health Care


•    Cash4health



      And many more.

Links about Chinese medicine and Acupuncture: 

Articles from WHO


Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China

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