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What benefit could you get?
* Harmonize the flow of Qi and Blood Relieve fatigue
* Dispel different kinds of pain
* Help Lymphatic drainage
* Improve appearance
* Improve circulation
* reduce swollen
* Create general body-harmony
Natural oils and lotions are used when undertaking this service

What do we do?

* Deep tissue massage

* Relaxation massage

* Reflexology

* Head massage

* neck shoulder massage 

* full body massage


Mrs Lily White Work experience:

15 years deep tissue massage experience


Feb1996  -  Oct1996

Studied massage and reflexology in Peixian, China.


Oct1996 -   Feb 2002   

Worked in and managed her own massage salon in Peixian



She opened another branch in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu, China.

Lily sold her business in Xuzhou in 2011 when she left China to live in England with her husband.





Special offer:       £10/15minutes

General price:     £25/ 30minutes


Discount on course treatment 



Mrs Lily White

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