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Do we help patients who have COVID-19 or who are trying to recover from the effects of COVID-19? 


Yes, we do. Dr Yan will book an on-line consultation with you either on Skype, Face time or Wechat. She will ask you to send a picture of your tongue and any medical reports from your GP. ie. COVID test results, blood results, medical reports via Whatsapp or email. Following your consultation Dr Yan will post your individual medications to your home. A week later Dr Yan will have another on-line consultation with you to assess your progress and respond the medication and adjust  her advice and medications as necessary. 


Unfortunately, COVID-19 can attack and damage many different organs of the body and leave you with severe fatigue. Traditional Chinese Medicine is very useful in helping to reduce these symptoms, enhance your immunity to light the virus and to balance and strengthen your body. All of which will help your recovery and improve your quality of life. 


For some COVID-19 patients Dr Yan may not advise the use of acupuncture however she is able to offer other treatments at the clinic once she is satisfied from your medical notes and test results that you are no longer a risk to the clinic users or staff.

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