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Knee Arthritis

I am 85 years old and have had Osteoarthritis knee pain for the last ten years. At first I took the pain-killers my doctor prescribed, but they just made me sleepy, and I could still feel the pain, it also spoilt my enjoyment of life.


My doctor sent me to see a specialist at the hospital who scanned my back and knees, the n suggested I had knee replacements. I was not happy with that idea as I have friends who have had the operation done, and they still have a lot of pain. I decided to try other ways to deal with the problem, I am fortunate to have a Chinese Medicine shop nearby, and went there to ask advice. I was put on a series of Acupuncture treatments which seemed to help me alot.


When the business was taken over by another Chinese lady I was at first a little anxious. I needn't have been. Dr. Yanbing Li is excellent. We have become good friends, and my visit to her each week is a pleasure. Thanks to her I am still able to get about, and so long as I am sensible and don't overdo it, I am reasonably free from pain.


When I see friends of mine, often years younger than me, suffering and taking pain-killers, I suggest they see Dr. Li. Some of them are afraid of Acupuncture, which I can understand, but I suggest they at least try it. It's not as bad as they fear. What is a needle prick compared to arthritic agony? Apart from reducing the pain it also keeps me healthy, so I think it is worth the effort and expense.


Dr Yanbing Li is excellent

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