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Lower Back Pain 

Like so many of us, I had been dulling my lower back pain with ibuprofen in order to play sport. Stretching every morning helped, but playing golf was difficult without the help of anti-inflammatory pills and painkillers.


The Golf Professional at Romsey Golf Club, Heath Teschner mentioned the Dr Yan Clinic at Wellow. Her alternative Chinese treatment had helped alleviate his back pain, so I decided to give it a try. The first consultation was free, and Dr Yan thought that she would be able to help me too.

She explained that Chinese medicine is about using natural remedies and about helping the body to heal itself.


Acupuncture was not a treatment which I fancied at all, as I hate needles. I had never heard of cupping, and was unsure about Chinese massage, but willing to try. Dr Yan found the painful areas, and then inserted 18 needles in my lower back and buttocks and lay me under a warm lamp. This really was not too bad, and certainly not as uncomfortable as I had feared. 20 minutes

Chinese massage followed, where Dr Yan certainly found all the knotted muscles and sore spots along my spine! By the fourth session my really painful area had shrunk from the size of a hot water bottle to the size of wine glass, and I was down to 6 needles!

I am very happy to be active and mobile again

Dr Yan used "cupping" during the fifth session – oil was spread onto my back and then a warm plunger slid into position to draw up blood into the damaged muscle. The blood flushes away the toxins and helps the muscles to heal. I did have a few tennis ball sized bruises afterwards, but a couple of days later I knew that the treatment had helped.


Shortly after the sixth session, I was delighted to complete 5 rounds of golf in one week competing in an amateur competition! I am sure I will be back for some routine maintenance later in the year, but am very happy to be active and mobile again.

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