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Cystitis and more

I was feeling miserable after a long, cold and very wet winter and ended up with cystitis, headaches, serious hot flushes and palpitations. Dr Yan came to mind after I had seen her advertising board outside the Wellow Community Centre.


She chatted to me first about my symptoms, my circumstances and my diet and then proceeded to do acupuncture. I left after an hour with some Chinese herb tablets in hand and suggestions to changes in my diet.


I felt the effects the next day. I felt so much better, lighter and more able to cope with things in general. My bladder improved quickly and my hot flushes started easing off and I can't remember now when last I had one.

I found her to be polite, sensitive and very helpful and I felt very comfortable with her.

I recommend her to everyone!


I recommend her to everyone!

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