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I visited Dr Yan Li after suffering from very bad headaches that caused me to stay home from work and spoiled my ability to think clearly for two days at times. I believe they were caused by stress originally, but I seem to have ended up with so much tension in my neck and shoulder that I was suffering with them once or twice a week. I was not convinced by acupuncture previously, but a friend suggested I try Dr Yan Li's services. After a particularly bad time I went to see Dr Yan Li.


She was very kind and careful to reassure me. After discussing my general health, she said there was no requirement for me to take Chinese herbs. Instead she focussed on the areas of tension with acupuncture, followed by excellent Chinese massage of the affected areas.


The experience was absolutely brilliant and I came away from my first session, exhilarated by the prospect of returning. The acupuncture started to help the tension but it also helped me to feel better in myself by producing a feeling a calmness and space. In the subsequent weeks, the muscular tension in my back, shoulder and neck started to disappear and the headaches gradually started to improve. The acupuncture process took time to work as the tension had built up over a long period, but it transformed my enjoyment of my life. Dr Yan Li was very kind and straightforward and I wholeheartedly recommend her services.


It transformed my enjoyment of life

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