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Food intolerance, Ezcema & Migraines/Nausea

During my GCSE’s (2011-2012) I had black out’s and could barely make it through the school day I was in so much pain… Thankfully a local nutritionist discovered I was intolerant to Dairy and Egg-White and once these were out of my diet I improved greatly. However, when I was at college my headaches were still bad, it was extremely hard for me to concentrate, I would feel light-headed, dizzy, look very pale and be in pain on a daily basis which made studying extremely difficult for me.


After having suffered with these headaches for years and having tried absolutely everything from CT scans, seeing specialist’s, and trying endless medications; it was as a result Dr Yan’s treatments that my headaches and eczema significantly improved.

I started seeing Dr Yan in 2013, she gave me detox tablets to help my body process foods; tablets for my skin and cream for my eczema. I had acupuncture and massages on my head and neck to improve circulation. I also wore hats to protect my head from drafts, increased my hours of sleep and Dr Yan encouraged movement and exercise. Dr Yan changed my eating habits and diet, being a sweet-tooth I was not best pleased… however, it was definitely worth it.

I would highly recommend her and

cannot thank her enough

Over the course of a few months I was feeling the results, my headaches improved so much and have gone completely for the most part now, my eczema went entirely, and my body and skin in general became so much healthier.

If it weren’t for Dr Yan I would not have achieved good ‘A’ level results and have been able continue my studies at University. She has been absolutely wonderful to me and my family. She has treated my Father’s back pain also. She is kind, warm and caring. When necessary I continue to take the detox tablets and further acupuncture treatments, particularly around stressful assessment and exam times. I would highly recommend her and cannot thank her enough.

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