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Chron's disease

It was two months ago now that I had my first Acupuncture treatment with Dr Yan at her clinic in West Wellow. I had undergone surgery two years earlier at Southampton General Hospital to reduce an inflamed bowel brought on by Crohn's disease, which I thought I had probably had for years. Although the surgery was largely successful, it still wasn't completely without symptoms and often during flare-ups there would be bouts of diarrhoea and stomach pains.


I noticed Dr Yan's Clinic on my way to the tennis club in West Wellow having left my home near Lordshill in Southampton. I could see from the sign outside that she treated a lot of ailments, one of which was acupuncture, which I had never tried before. I made an appointment and found that after my second visit I was getting better, and felt that it was worth doing. After four or five visits, I was feeling better than I had done for years.


With the aid of some specialised herbal tea as well as the Acupuncture I can honestly say that the combination of the two seemed to work. All those years of not going to the toilet properly were, I was pretty sure, well and truly in the past. The needles used were painless although you could feel them going into the skin, the you were left to relax with them in position while they did their work.


Dr Yan helped me a lot

Dr Yan also helped me with massage treatments on my back and ankles which have enabled me to play tennis a little better. There are alot of conditions she caters for, far too many to mention here, so to finish, I can only say that Dr Yan helped me alot with my Chron's disease and tennis ailments so I can recommend giving her treatments a try. You will probably find it well worth it.

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