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Dr Yan Li has opened another world of fascinating holistic ancient medicine. It’s not only about acupuncture. She advised us on a proper diet, exercise, massage and herbal remedies.


When I first visited Yan I had little knowledge about Chinese medicine and amongst a whole list of conditions I did even not mention the condition I have learn to live with. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with severe form of sun allergy or Polymorphous Light eruption (PLE), which is a skin condition caused by sunlight. Even a 30 min walk in a sunny weather here in England lead to significant skin rush that would normally started at my chest and then spread across my arms and legs.


Quite a few of my holidays abroad were inevitably followed by long treatment with strong medication and twice I was hospitalised on my holiday in Cuba and Antigua despite all possible measures of precaution.


Dr Yan Li has opened another world of fascinating holistic, ancient medicine

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