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Insomnia & Migraines

I have been seeing Dr Yan for some months to help with insomnia and Migraines. Having tried all conventional solutions, with little or no success, I was desperate to find a way forward. Dr Yan has treated me with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary advice to help with these conditions. I am now sleeping far better than before and often all through the night,which was unheard of up until recently.


I have suffered with migraines for many years and although I recognise many of the triggers, I have always treated the symptoms without ever being able to understand the root cause. Dr Yan's approach is very different and looks at the whole body. A combination of massage, acupuncture and her consideration of other environmental factors, has resulted in a huge improvement in the frequency and severity of the attacks.


I have to admit, Chinese medicine is not something I would have considered in the past but having read many of the testimonials in the Romsey and Wellow Gazette I was convinced to pursue it further. I'm so glad I did and I would encourage anyone else to keep an open mind and give Dr Yan a try.

I would encourage everyone to keep an open mind and give Dr Yan a try

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