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Labrythitus, Chronic Sinusitis & Blocked Eustachian Tubes

Dr Yan has given me my life back. I had Labrythitus , chronic sinusitis, and blocked Eustachian tubes, my head was so blocked up and painful. it was very frightening, had no balance so didn't go out of the house for several months. I then took panic attacks and quite bad anxiety. Life was very miserable, didn't want to see anyone or talk to them. I don't take medication very well, and certainly didn't want anti depressants.


A friend recommended Dr Yan, after 1 treatment of acupuncture I felt better, when she massaged my neck the pain started to get less. Now after 8 treatments, no pain in head all tubes unblocked, no panic attacks and anxiety so much better. I can now drive, look after my grandchildren, and work. Life is great. I cant thank Dr Yan enough, or the friend that recommended her. I would recommend her to anyone suffering.


Dr Yan has given me my life back

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