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Arthritis in Knees

I have had a history of problems with my knees damaged by Juvenile Rheumatiod  Arthritis when I was a teenager and following on through my 20's and 30's.


Although not overly affected the last 25 years, things changed rather suddenly recently and I found myself in pain from my knees when going up and down the stairs and whilst walking. Acupuncture has worked for me in the past and having read testimonials and seeing Dr Yan's qualifications, I felt sure that she would be able to help me with my knee joints.

At my initial appointment with Dr Yan, she made thorough enquiries about my medical history and examined my knees. She was confident that she could help me which also gave me confidence. With my agreement she has concentrated on one knee- the other awaits treatment. Acupuncture and massage has seen the swelling being visibly reduced on the treated knee compared to the better one. I am able to go up and down the stairs easily now without wincing in pain and I have also started a course of treatment to assist my digestive system. I am sure that this will improve over the coming weeks together with treating my other knee.


She was confident that she could help me which also gave me confidence

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