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Steph C


I met Doctor Li in London 2009, I was struggling to get pregnant. To be precise, I was desperate, I had tried seven IVF treatments, even with egg donation and did not manage to get pregnant. I came to see her thinking she would help me to restore a bit of strength in my body after so many heavy drugs treatments and to prepare me for the next IVF process. She was wonderful and told me that she could help me to conceive naturally. I greatly appreciated but did not believe her at first time... she proved me wrong as a miracle happened!

Doctor Li took care of me during roughly four to five months, did the needles and prescribed me some herbs (they tasted really bad), she also told me to readjust some healthy habits like going to bed consistently at the same hour or to stop eating some food that was not appropriate for me.

She was incredible, each week she could tell if I behaved properly and was making progress or not. She was also very helpful as she was kind and consistently giving me confidence that I could conceive. She was so patient with me and so professional.


After a couple of months, while I was on vacation, I got really sick and had all the symptoms of a strong and healthy pregnancy but did not believe it. After a couple of days my husband begged me to take a test to check and it was finally positive. I could not believe that I was pregnant, just naturally without any heavy process at the clinic. My miracle is named Stan, he is now two and a half years old and he has a little sister named Victoria, conceived also naturally nineteen months later.


Doctor Li changed my life and I cherish her. I have recommended her to several of my friends and I will come to visit her each time I can. She is an incredible professional but also a very kind human being. I am so grateful that I have just given it a try.


She proved me wrong as a

miracle happened!

Steph and her daughter, Victoria.

Steph's children.

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