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I am so glad I found Dr Yan, she has been amazing! She solved my fertility problems, with my first I became pregnant on the first try, however my second baby took four years of trying.


Once I found out that my Doctor's acupuncturist is Dr Yan, I started seeing instead and within two months I became pregnant. She has also helped me with other issues. I caught a cold and a stuffy nose; two days after treatment, it was completely gone. Dr Yan has treated my whole family: my husband, daughter and parents.


She asks the right questions and makes an accurate assessment of my problems. She is thorough and takes time to ensure I understand what she is doing and why. She takes her time and I never feel rushed. I always feel really relaxed after these sessions! I've had lots of acupuncture and Dr Yan is the best I've been to. I cannot say enough good things about Dr Yan. I highly recommend her!


I cannot say enough good things about Dr Yan!

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