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Infertility, Periods & Vertigo

I still find it hard to believe

I've been doing acupuncture for the last two years now and I'm very satisfied with Dr.Yan's work. She's polite, nice but also assertive, as she knows perfectly what is good for you, also in terms of diet advices for general health. I first saw her to have some treatment for the infertility, which I knew that could have been very useful. Despite lots of unsuccessful trials in the previous five years, after six months of acupuncture I got pregnant. I still find it hard to believe.


She also helped me a lot with period pain, which I do not have any more and some back and neck pain coming from my bad posture. I've also suffered with vertigo, and immediately after her treatment I was feeling much better. I haven't had any episodes anymore. She sometimes prescribes herbs, pills and creams which are all natural and are not dangerous for the health. I've tried other acupuncturists in the past, but no one was good as she is. I would definitely recommend her.

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