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​Elaine Evans

"Dr. Yan gave  my life back"


I visited Dr. Yan after conventional medicine didn’t help me. I have had polymyalgia rheumatica and an associated autoimmune disorder for nearly three years.

This caused acute pain in my legs and hips and several broken, scaley lesions to appear on my hands, arms, legs and neck. I hadn’t been able to sleep for more than two hours before waking up in pain.

After one session acupuncture and massage treatment I slept for just over seven hours, after the second treatment, one week later, I noticed my skin had no new lesions and the old marks had disappeared leaving no scarring. I am consistently sleeping or around eight hours a night. Today I had my fifth weekly treatment of acupuncture and massage and just had to tell the world how great Dr Yan's medicine is. I would not have dreamed a few week ago that I would feel so well. I can’t recommend Dr Yan more highly. I have my life back.

Thank you Dr Yan.

Elaine Evans

​Oct 2018

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