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​hugh Dorritt

I was little aprehensive and I would normally  seek a more traditional form of treatment.


However after a recommendation and reading all the reviews on her website I decided to give acupuncture a try. So I went to see Dr Yan Li  with a little apprehension and a very painful shoulder which felt more like a rheumatic pain and additionally it was really aggrevated by driving for more than a hour. Anyway after her reassurance and just a few treatments of acupuncter and medical massage, the pain disappeared and shortly after the treatment I drove from Toronto to Montreal approx 500 miles without any shoulder pain at all. So my scepticism has gone and I'm  very happy with the result, I will definitely see her again when the need arises.

I would really like to thank Dr Yan Li for helping me and If you have never tried acupuncture or are in pain pay her a visit. I was amazed by the result.

Many thanks
Hugh Dorritt
Sept 2018

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