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Joanne Domin-Salisbury-80 years old-bone marrow failure and muscles problems

After straining my lower back at the beginning of last year, causing shoulder problems and tight muscles across the abdomen,I felt the only answer was holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine.


My treatment with Dr Yan has covered pain in the right lower back and hip,left lower back and hip, right upper arm, shoulder and back, muscless under the ribs on both sides of body, the spine and intercostal muscles on the back and then the area of the sternum and front intercostal muscles.

I have felt progressive loosening of my tight muscles,which had been constricting my movement and affecting my posture. I have found the acupuncture and massage very effective.

In addition, the Chinese herbal medicine I have been taking seems to have improved my blood counts, especially Neutrophils, which have been below normal for several years due to bone marrow failure. 

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