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Mrs Claire Sutton--infertility


My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over 4 years but was unsuccessful.I was referred by my GP to our local Fertility Clinic and my consultant at the clinic suggested I try acupuncture alongside my IVF Treatment to increase my chances of pregnancy.

I found Dr Yan’s article in our local magazine and decided to contact her to book an appointment. Following my initial consultation, Dr Yan suggested I have weekly acupuncture during and after the IVF treatment. I immediately started to notice what a difference having accupuncture made to some of my existing symptoms. My period pains were less intense. I started to sleep better at night which inevertbly helped me feel less tired during the day. My hands and feet have always been cold but the needles appeared to help my circulation and within a couple of sessions I noticed they weren't cold anymore. 

I was overjoyed to find out I was pregnant 3 weeks after completing IVF. I continued to see Dr Yan weekly until I was 3 months pregnant as she suggested. At each appointment, Dr Yan gave me helpful advice on lifestyle and diet to ensure my pregnancy remained healthy throughout. 

病人照片-Claire Sutton-不孕症.JPG

2 years on and I am seeing Dr Yan again while going through IVF for our second baby. I have also recommended Dr Yan to some of my friends.


Many thanks x


occupation Community nurse

Location Romsey

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